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Senior Real Estate and Lifestyle Options

Providing consultation and supporting real estate decisions for seniors in their Second Fifty years of life!


Bank Eagle

Bank Eagle

Are you trying to make a decision on how and where you want to live as you reach retirement and after? Too many choices? Too much to do? Let us help in the decision process and implementation of your decisions.

Most individuals and families make important lifestyle and real estate decisions starting in their mid-50s and even well into their 80s. As we become empty-nesters our body ages, our health declines, and we examine what kind of lifestyle we want to live. We can help make this hard decision and your transition much easier.

Today’s average retirement age for men is 64 and 62 for women. That’s about what it was a decade ago, but today there are a lot more options. Many boomers begin making new plans as they become empty-nesters in their 50s. Regardless of when or why, looking at all the lifestyle and living options is an overwhelming task.

There are many, many options from staying in your home to moving to a vibrant senior community.

Let us help…  We are nationally known experts in the senior living industry and can help guide you through the decision-making process and the transition to your new lifestyle!

Randy has special insight into helping seniors with their real estate needs having worked as a senior living developer for over 15 years. He is a great resource helping with senior real estate choices of active adult living, downsizing opportunities, senior living options, or aging in place recommendations. Discuss with Randy how to free up your life to take advantage of the things you have always wanted to do. Making the best real estate choice provides peace of mind for senior parents as well as concerned children.

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